• Engagement
  • Descent
  • Flexion
  • Internal rotation
  • Extension
  • External rotation
  • Expulsion

Dr. G. Bhanu Prakash provides a presentation on the Seven Cardinal Movements. He goes even more in depth and provides insight into the fetal head rotation in relation to the pelvic width at different intervals. Enjoy this visualization for your maternity exam!

Do not be guilty of memorizing the seven cardinal movements! But if you really must, here is a mnemonic you can use: Every darn fool in Egypt eats raw eggs.

  • Every – Engagement
  • Darn – Descent
  • Fool – Flexion
  • In – Internal Rotation
  • Egypt – Extension
  • Eats Raw – External Rotation
  • Eggs – Expulsion

HT: Dr.G.Bhanu Prakash
HT: Donna Hershman