Meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges, which are membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord.

Viral / Bacterial Meningitis

Meningitis could be viral or aseptic, which is the most common form of meningitis. It commonly resolves without treatment. However, bacterial or septic meningitis is a contagious infection that has a high mortality rate.

S/S of Meningitis

Positive Brudzinski’s sign is the flexion of extremities with deliberate flexion of the child’s neck. Kernig’s sign is the pain associated with extending the knee when the hip is flexed. (I like to think of Kermit the frog’s legs.) Nuchal rigidity is resistance of the neck in occurrence to passive ROM.

Meningitis Diagnostic

The most definitive diagnostic procedure for meningitis is a CSF analysis. What you need to know about collecting a CSF:

    • Collecting CSF is done by a primary care

provider via lumbar puncture

  • Child empty the bladder
  • Child is placed in fetal position
  • Needle would be inserted in the subarachnoid space
  • Child should remain in bed for four to eight hours (flat position) in order to avoid headache and leakage

Results of Meningitis

It is ESSENTIAL that you know the results that indicates meningitis.