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How to master your first year as a nursevideo

How to Master Your First Year as a Graduate Nurse

Caroline Porter, RN received a letter from a fellow nurse who is struggling with her first year of nursing. Being a graduate nurse is...

Pass the Interactive Metric Conversions Game with a High Score

Play the interactive Metric Conversions nursing game provided by Learning Nurse and answer their questions to help you review for your exams! This educational...

Nursing Care of Child with Hemophilia in Under 5 Minutes

You’ve heard about hemophilia over and over again in nursing school. Refresh your memory and make sure you remember this disorder for the NCLEX...

Animation of Ileostomy Presentation in Under 5 Minutes

If someone is choking, when do you use the AED? When do you call for help? Did you know that if you do not...
Top Key Points About Diuretics

Top Key Points You Need to Know About Diuretics

Direct routes of diuretics to administer to the patients are by mouth (PO), IV, and IM. There are loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics that...

Comprehensive Dosage Calculation

There's a reason why this video has 400,000 views and it's because of how well Nick simplifies dosage calculations. You will use this every...

Nursing St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day, also known as Feast of Saint Patrick, is a holiday that is widely celebrated by the Irish. Americans join in on...
What's Your Scrub Color?

What’s Your Scrub Color?

Are you in a unit where you are allowed to wear any color?Infographic Journal provides this chart about the color psychology of nursing uniforms.Find...

10 Tips to Document and Chart Quality Nursing Progress Notes

1. Verify Patient Information The last thing you want to do is document in the wrong chart. You would think that this is obvious, but...

46 NCLEX Diets You Need to Know in Memes

As a nursing student, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed by memorizing all of the diets you need to know for the NCLEX. The...

The Seven Cardinal Movements of Birth in 3 Minutes

Engagement Descent Flexion Internal rotation Extension External rotation ExpulsionDr. G. Bhanu Prakash provides a presentation on the Seven Cardinal Movements. He goes even more in depth and provides insight into...

What Nursing Students Don’t Say

Have you ever heard of a nursing student close the book and say that he or she is ready for the NCLEX?Would a nursing...