How lucky do you think you will be if your exam did not have questions on chest tube? Not that lucky. In fact, you will get the questions and you will need to know the answers. If you feel extreme anxiety every single time you get chest tube questions, this is the perfect video for you. Let me erase your anxiety in just five minutes.

Actually, let the intellectual Regina erase the anxiety as she explains the following:

  • The function of the chest tube is to remove air or fluid from the pleural cavity.
  • Learn about what a pneumothorax and hemothorax is.
  • Every chest tubes will have three chambers:
    1. Collection
    2. Water seal
    3. Suction control


When do you assess the drainage amount in the collection chamber?

Every four hours and every shift.

What color should the drainage be in the collection chamber?

Serosanguinous. Notify the doctor if the drainage is bright red or greater than 100 ml/hr. (Related to hemorrhage)

Is it ok to see bubbling in the water seal chamber?

You think it would be ok because it’s the water seal chamber. No. That means there’s an air leak.

Is it ok to see bubbling in the suction control chamber?

If you do not see bubbling there, then there’s a problem because bubbling is indicative of the suction control chamber functioning well.

What level should the chest tube be at?

Below the level of the chest.

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