GTPAL Maternity Quick Facts for the NCLEX

Maternity Nursing 101 includes GTPAL. It is used on every single pregnant patient to assess the outcomes. As a nursing student or a nursing...
Does the Pearson Vue Trick Really Work?

Does the Pearson Vue Trick Still Work in 2017?

You hear it over and over to not do the Pearson Vue trick. The trick no longer works because it is 2017 and they're...
Cranial Nerve Visual Memes to Help You Pass Your Exams

Cranial Nerves Visual Memes to Help You Pass Your Exams

Cranial Nerve Mnemonic Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Very Good Victory AH!Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducens Facial Vestibulocochlear Glossopharyngeal Vagus Accesory HypoglossalHere are 12 memes to assist you with understanding the cranial nerves.
Vaccination Banner

6 Quick Vaccination Memes You Need For the NCLEX

Time to save now and use it for later! No matter what field of nursing you get yourself into, you will need to learn...

Free NCLEX-RN 50 Questions Practice Exam Video

Play through this video and answer questions alongside with the narrator. You can pause anytime you want and it gives you the answer along...

Easy Insulin Mnemonic You Need to Learn in Under 6 Minutes

Registered Nurse RN youtube channel provided a great video on Insulin Mnemonics.Trying to understand or memorize the insulin medications can be really confusing. Watch...
What to do if you cant pass the NCLEX

What to Do If You Can’t Pass the NCLEX

You failed the NCLEX and now you’re feeling lost. There are 5 steps to get you back on your feet and to get you...
2 Study Plans You Need to Pass the NCLEC

Five Weeks NCLEX Study Plan to Help You Pass

 Comprehensive Review:Cardiovascular Hemalogic/Immune Respiratory Neurosensory Musculoskeletal Gastrointestinal Endocrine Genitourinary Maternity Psychiatric Comprehensive Review ExamsComprehensive Review I used NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers Made Incredibly Easy and studied every...

NCLEX Question 7

The nurse admits a patient and performs an arterial blood gas. The results are:pH 7.51 PCO2: 49 PO2: 85 HCO3: 35Which choice describes this arterial blood gas...
NCLEX Question 6

NCLEX Question 6

Nursing assistant is taking vital signs in a patient with osteomyelitis. Which should he/she report immediately?A. Blood pressure of 160/78 mm Hg B. Heart rate...