If you do not have the time to sit down and memorize the different respiratory sounds now, save the link and pin respiratory sounds into your schedule. There is only so much that a textbook can teach you but even a textbook has its limits, especially for the audio learners.

You will get much more than just listening to the respiratory sounds. Anneliese Garrison provides rationales and a great description behind each respiratory sound. After all, do you remember what your professor said about pleural effusion?

Then let Anneliese Garrison provide you the knowledge and confidence to help you pass your nursing exit exams and the NCLEX as you listen to her respiratory sounds video. Take the time out to understand the respiratory sounds. This could very well save your patient’s life in the future.

If you are an audio learner, you would enjoy her set at Caring4You.net.

HT: Anneliese Garrison