IV Solution Cheat Sheet

IV Solution Cheat Sheet

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Foley Catheter Demonstrationvideo

Foley Catheter Demonstration

PN students demonstrated the proper technique of inserting an indwelling foley catheter while maintaining sterile technique throughout the entire procedure.There are other methods, but...

Comprehensive Dosage Calculation

There's a reason why this video has 400,000 views and it's because of how well Nick simplifies dosage calculations. You will use this every...

Nursing 101: Head to Toe Nursing Assessment

Do you really need to know this for the real world? Yes.Are you really going to do a full head to toe assessment on...
NCLEX Question 5

NCLEX Question 5

A patient with atrial fibrillation is ambulating and suddenly says, "I feel really dizzy." What should the nurse do?A. Assess the blood pressure B. Check...
Nursing process

The Fundamentals of the Nursing Process

The nursing process include assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcomes, planning, implementation, evaluation. Many books don't include the outcomes part and new books are starting to....
Common Medical Abbreviations

Common Medical Abbreviations

Medical abbreviations are essential to know in the nursing world. You will need to know these common medical abbreviations for your exams and for...
Nursing Clinicals Lab Charts

Common Metabolic Panel for Nursing Clinicals

You have no idea what the numbers mean when you see it on the nursing reports, but now you can keep this on your...
Basic Metabolic Panel

Basic Metabolic Panel Simplified

SODIUM Hypernatremia: Greater than 145 Signs and symptoms of hypernatremia: mental status changes, confusion, agitation, ataxia, convulsion, hypertension, tachycardia, decreased urine output, thirst, pulmonary edema, dyspnea,...

10 Tips to Document and Chart Quality Nursing Progress Notes

1. Verify Patient Information The last thing you want to do is document in the wrong chart. You would think that this is obvious, but...


Little Known Ways to Prioritize Based on Patient’s Needs

You are assigned to five patients and you have to figure out which patients to prioritize to see first. Nursing school and NCLEX love...