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Get dozens of visual study aids for medical surgical nursing, also called med surg nursing, at a fraction of what you pay at your local bookstore. Our downloadable e-books bundle includes 232 visual study guides!

It’s the second half of the school year where students are either preparing for the Spring NCLEX exam or working on finishing their 3rd or 4th year towards graduation. Well, what better way to prepare yourself than with these visual aids.

If you like to learn by association or love reading study cards, our study “memes” will definitely improve your next quiz or test score. (Some of our most loyal subscribers say so.)

Dozens of hours of work have been clocked in to make sure you understand concepts in nursing more thoroughly.

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According to EdWeek:

“A new study suggests that giving students pertinent visual information, such as a diagram or outline, at the start of a lesson will lead to better understanding of that lesson.” (1)

We’ve taken the time to explain the hardest and trickiest concepts in medical surgical nursing so you can learn at your own pace.

Think of all the hours you’ve spent turning pages to find the right concept you were looking to review.

MEDSURG - Bundle Example

Fear not! With this deal, you get:

  1. MEDSURG: Cardiovascular (63 study aids in an eBook)
  2. MEDSURG: Diet (45 study aids in an eBook)
  3. MEDSURG: Endocrine (28 study aids in an eBook)
  4. MEDSURG: Gastrointestinal (61 study aids in an eBook)
  5. MEDSURG: Immune System (11 study aids in an eBook)
  6. MEDSURG: Integumentary (24 study aids in an eBook)

Total Amount in eBook Bundle: 232

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1. EdWeek: Visual Diagrams Help Students Take Notes


Testimonials from Previous Students & Customers

“Hey! I just thought of you recently. I forgot to tell you I FINALLY passed my nclex!!! I really have to THANK you for recommending the materials that you did and your study method and study schedule!!! thank you so much!! you’re an angel!!” – Lance

“75 questions!! Id like to think i murdered the exam! My very 1st question was a SATA 🙁 but cannot thank you enough! Like really and truly it helped me soooo much.” – Darlene


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