Let’s face the truth about the Pediatrics section and the Reproductive section of the NCLEX – they’re difficult!

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Maternity and pediatrics can be an enjoyable clinical experience, but sitting through the materials can be overwhelming.

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Whether it’s understanding the delicate nature of infants and children or understanding the human reproductive system, the NCLEX will catch you off guard with some tricky questions. Remember, 9 times out of 10, they want the most correct answer even if they give you 3-4 options that all sound right.

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Pediatrics + Reproductive Visual Study Aids

She’s taken her method of studying and clocked in more of hours of work just for you. These days it’s about the visual nature of studying that can help you understand the difficult areas of nursing.

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Testimonials from Previous Students & Customers

“Hey! I just thought of you recently. I forgot to tell you I FINALLY passed my nclex!!! I really have to THANK you for recommending the materials that you did and your study method and study schedule!!! thank you so much!! you’re an angel!!” – Lance

“75 questions!! Id like to think i murdered the exam! My very 1st question was a SATA 🙁 but cannot thank you enough! Like really and truly it helped me soooo much.” – Darlene


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