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Tylenol or Acetaminophen? Aleve or Naproxen? Amoxil or Amoxicillin? Advil or Ibuprofen?

Brand or generic, whichever you prefer, they all do the same thing underneath the hood and this stack of 120+ visual study guides will surely help you understand that on your next exam.

As nursing students, the concept of Pharmacology can be difficult to grasp and this collection is a good way to always refresh yourself when you need it last minute (even though you shouldn’t be studying last minute! 😊 ).

In fact, using these Pharmacology concepts has helped our lead nurse and the students she’s tutored pass the Pharmacology section with flying colors.

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What she recently admitted to me (and I got this out of her after she gained over 2 years of experience as a nurse) is that these study guides for Pharmacology has significantly helped her understand medications!

Let’s be honest, for some it may be easy, but who truly does understand medications?

You can go for a brand name to help you pass that next exam (i.e. NCLEX), but remember, there’s a difference in quality and there’s definitely a difference in price. In other words, our study guides are tried and tested and our price beats theirs.

Pharmacology Visual Study Aids

Our lead nurse took her concepts and put in dozens of hours of work to put them into these guides to make sure you understand Pharmacology more thoroughly in a visual manner.

Total Amount in eBook Bundle: 121

Testimonials from Previous Students & Customers

“Hey! I just thought of you recently. I forgot to tell you I FINALLY passed my nclex!!! I really have to THANK you for recommending the materials that you did and your study method and study schedule!!! thank you so much!! you’re an angel!!” – Lance

“75 questions!! Id like to think i murdered the exam! My very 1st question was a SATA 🙁 but cannot thank you enough! Like really and truly it helped me soooo much.” – Darlene

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