How well do you understand GTPAL?


G – Gravidity
Gravidity is the number of pregnancies. Don’t forget to count the current pregnancy! This is a big mistake that students make.

T – Term Births
Term births is the number born at term. Remember that term is longer than 37 weeks gestation.

P – Preterm Births
Preterm births is the number born before 37 weeks gestation.

A – Abortions or Miscarriages
Abortions or miscarriages is included in gravida if it is before 20 weeks gestation and is included in parity if after 20 weeks.

L – Current Living Children
Current living children does not include the current pregnancy.

What does the following mean?
G = 2, T = 1, P = 0, A = 0, L = 1

Answer: Pregnant client has a living child that was delivered after 37 weeks. She does not have any history of abortion.