As a nursing student, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed by memorizing all of the diets you need to know for the NCLEX. The patients want to get better and they will look up to you to know what they can and can not have. The key to remembering the diets is learning what the patients must restrict or have more of and it becomes a lot easier to answer the NCLEX questions.

The NCLEX questions will most likely not have “low sodium” or “low potassium” as a multiple choice answer. You will see food choices instead. For example, if a patient must have a low sodium diet, then you would eliminate soy sauce. If a patient must have low potassium diet, you would eliminate choices that include avocado or potato.

Pace yourself! You can do this.

We decided to post 46 NCLEX Nursing Diets that you need to know in memes! Feel free to save them and quiz yourself and your friends!