You must be tired of auscultating heart sounds over and over, but here is something to help you get through your cardiology days.

The photos may not be accurate in the locations of where the landmarks are. You must find the landmarks yourself. Aortic valve can be auscultated between the 2nd and 3rd interspace. Feel the second rib and go to the second intercostal space below the rib.

From there, you would find the next three auscultation landmarks on the left side. The pulmonic valve can be auscultated between the 2nd and 3rd left interspace.

Don’t forget about Erb’s point (not located in the photos), but you can find it between the pulmonic and tricuspid valve. It is halfway between the base and the apex of the heart. This is a common landmark to listen to.

Move down to the fourth intercostal space. Tricuspid valve can be auscultated at the left sternal border.

Go to the fifth intercostal space, found at the left mid-clavicular line. Mitral valve can be auscultated at the apex.

Do not forget to take vital signs prior to auscultation. Is the heart rate in the normal range? Are there any signs of cardiovascular complications? Did you inspect and palpate the neck? Were you able to feel the carotid pulse?

Who would you auscultate? If your man is NOT on the list, who would you WANT to auscultate?

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