You got through nursing school and now you have nursing books that you locked in your closet after graduation. These books prepared you to get your degree, but it did not prepare you to take the NCLEX. You go to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and find that each book is $50.

Your life savings went to your tuition and your remaining money goes to Starbucks drinks just to get through your study sessions. But you don’t have to lose hope!

With an abundance of resources outside your closet, there are ways to pass the NCLEX without spending hundreds of dollars.


The library has thousands of books to borrow. If finding a seat at Starbucks or studying at a noisy environment at home feels impossible, sometimes the next best thing is to study at your library. Most likely, your local library has NCLEX books you can rent out. If it’s time to return it and you have not finished it, then rent it out again! If the book is not there, then your librarian may be able to search for it and get it shipped within the week or two.

Amazon / Ebay

If you are a highlighting lover like I am, renting library books may not be your favorite option. Get used books online instead of buying full retail prices so you can do whatever you choose to do with it. If the book you want has 8 editions, then take a look at the 7th or even the 6th edition.


Now that nursing school is done, you don’t have someone to lecture you or push you to your fullest potential. But, the lectures does not have to end! Instead of scrambling around your hard drive for your previous notes, you can go onto Youtube! There are video lectures being posted up everyday.

Sample NCLEX Exams

A lot of nursing NCLEX programs are offering sample NCLEX exams! You do not have to jump into the program and pay for it. Take advantage of these sample exams and learn from each program. If you find one that is worth your money, then go for it!

Google Play / Apple App Store

Our generation have a huge advantage that the previous nursing generations did not: technology! There are so many apps out there that many have not heard of. A lot them offer free versions of the apps. However, they include advertisements or a limited amount of NCLEX questions. If you find an app that is worth the money, then you can upgrade to the full trial!