Check out the cranial nerve mnemonics!

The twelve cranial nerves are:

  1. I: Olfactory
  2. II: Optic
  3. III: Oculomotor
  4. IV: Trochlear
  5. V: Trigeminal
  6. VI: Abducens
  7. VII: Facial
  8. VIII: Acoustic
  9. IX: Glossopharyngeal
  10. X: Vagus
  11. XI: Spinal Accessory
  12. XII: Hypoglossal


After watching the cranial nerve video presented by Joe B, answer the following questions below:

  1. Which cranial nerve involves superman and is known for vision?!
  2. Trigeminal nerve is which cranial nerve?
  3. Which cranial nerve is for hearing?
  4. Do you remember which cranial nerve is the posterior portion of the tongue and involves the speech?


HT: Joe B