You may believe that you do not remember anything that you learned in nursing school. Have faith in yourself and stop going back to the content review. You really will not remember every single detail and it is time to accept that.

Right now is the perfect time to practice questions over and over. Pick what material would be best for you and gain some confidence!

I also highly recommend finding a great app for your phone, especially if you like to procrastinate and play Candy Crush! Now you will have a new app to get addicted to. Consider it as a trivia game and get the highest score possible! Tell your friends to purchase the same app and see who can get the higher score.


QD Nurses highly recommends the following books!

1. NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers Made Incredibly Easy

  • Contains over 6500 questions
  • Rationales are VERY easy to remember
  • No need to keep flipping to the back of the book for the answers
  • Content includes alternate-format questions
  • Questions are more challenging
  • Includes six comprehensive examinations

2. Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN

3. Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination

  • Over 5800 questions
  • Test-taking strategy, rationales for correct and incorrect answers
  • Companion Evolve website includes pre-test to identify weakness
  • Comprehensive exams are included
  • Alternate item format questions included
  • Content from the most recent NCLEX-RN test plan
  • Priority nursing tip is included with each questions

4. NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram

  • PN version is available
  • Includes over 1340 sample questions to determine whether you’re ready to take the exams
  • Includes popular cram sheet tear card
  • CD features 6 practice exams with multiple tests modes


Apps (Apple App Store / Android Google Play)

NCLEX Mastery Mobile App

  • Use this app to categorize questions with the ones you know, somewhat know, and do not know so you can go back and studied the same ones again.
  • Has over thousands of questions for you to study from with detailed rationales.
  • Includes mnemonics.