You failed the NCLEX and now you’re feeling lost. There are 5 steps to get you back on your feet and to get you to pass the NCLEX the next time you take it.

It doesn’t matter if you took it three times and you are still struggling. There’s always hope. It doesn’t make you any less than your future coworker. It only just shows how determined you are to reach your goals and dreams.

Do not let the NCLEX be the very reason why you give up. Remember that the NCLEX is A LOT harder than it was years ago for the veteran nurses. Do not ever compare yourself. You only just have to work harder.

Now that you’re done grieving, let’s go over the steps and get you confident in yourself!

  1. Throw away your old methods.

It’s clearly not working so stop using the same one over and over. If you are a visual learner, then you need visual aids. If you are an auditory learner, you need audio aids. If you have a short attention span, you shouldn’t be trying to memorize an entire comprehensive review book from beginning to end. It’s time to find a new method and see what works best for you. This brings you to step two.

  1. Time for a new study plan

It’s time for new books and a new plan! If you can’t afford them, that’s what the library is for. I was so upset when I found out that my library carried all the NCLEX books that I already purchased! Granted, I can’t write on them, but I’d have had no problem rewriting notes on the side to reinforce what I just learned.

Here is a great study plan for you to use that has helped MANY students pass.

  1. Find a Study Buddy

Even if the person is not a classmate or nursing, find someone who will sit down with you. The person could be on the laptop, reading a book, or anything that would not involve distracting you. Sometimes just having someone there can make a huge difference. If you are truly a lonely soul, get a cute motivational doll that you can talk out loud to. It really helps to reinforce what you just learned.

  1. Set the new date and stick to it

If you kept telling yourself that you can always just reschedule and that you’re not ready yet, then you need to tell yourself this time that you’re going to take it no matter what. The ideal time is five weeks apart.

  1. Get plenty of rest and give yourself a break

Do not study every second of your life. You need to give yourself a break.