Should you just get one NCLEX book, do one NCLEX review program, or get five NCLEX books from the bookstore?

You are done with college, but you’re not quite there yet. You still have to figure out what study method will work for you. There is just so many resources out there, you start to feel overwhelmed. What should you do?

NCLEX-RN Review Program

If you are the type that would like to stick to a program, then I strongly recommend Kaplan Nursing. For $418 (prices may change), you will get:

  • Over 3000 exam-style questions in the test interface
  • Question Trainers
  • Online Practice Exams
  • Diagnostic and Readiness Exams
  • 500+ pages ebook of outlines
  • Comprehensive review of Classroom Course Streaming Video Lessons

If you do not pass the first time, you can get your money back!

Cheaper Alternative / Book Learning Style

If you would rather have books in front of you to highlight, you already tried Kaplan Nursing, or you absolutely can not afford $418 even in 3 installments, then there are other options!

Please Note: I am not saying this is the method that you have to use or you will fail. I am also not saying that it is guaranteed that you will pass if you use my method. I used this NCLEX study plan that I created and passed in 75 questions. I have tutored nursing students and I am proud to say that they have all passed so far with flying colors (no jinx please).

Alternate Format Review

QD Nurses recommends Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN Alternate-Format Questions

This book is amazing because the alternate-format questions are categorized. I have seen too many students take the NCLEX with little alternate-format questions. The first four out of five questions that I received were alternate-format questions! Was I afraid? Yes, but I felt confident because I saw all of the SATA (select all that apply) questions at one point from this book (just rephrased). Saunders CD also has a great alternate-format section!

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Comprehensive Review

QD Nurses recommends NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers Made Incredibly Easy.

Kaplan and Saunders both have a really great comprehensive review all wrapped up in one, but the truth is I did not have the attention span to sit down and memorize every single detail from the book. For around $30, Q&A Made Incredibly Easy had a great advantage because you answer the question and the answer is on the right side of the page with the rationales. The rationales are simple and straight to the point.

Usually when you use practice exams, they do not repeat the questions to make sure you understand. Q&A Made Incredibly Easy makes sure that you have a clear understanding by asking you several questions about the diseases and repeating the rationales so that it becomes clear to you. If you really want to save money, get the 5th edition for $15 on Amazon! (Prices are subject to change.)

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Priority Questions

QD Nurses recommends DAVIS mobile NCLEX-RN Prioritization App(Apple Store or Google Play).

The NCLEX loves priority questions. Do not kid yourself if you think you can take the NCLEX without practicing this particular type. I loved using this app because I was answering questions on the go or while I was lying down in my comfortable bed. I felt that 40% of my NCLEX were questions that were similar from this App.

Reviewing Everything

QD Nurses recommends creating your own or see more information at our NCLEX Study Guide 2014article.

Your study method is different than your friend. Consider how much time you can put into studying and your finances. There is a method for everyone and I am confident that everyone can pass. I am confident that all you have to do is figure out what works for you.

Go to Organize Yourself and Get Confident with the NCLEX to get the study plan to keep yourself organized as you study for the NCLEX. This study plan will make sure you get enough practice with alternate-format questions, priority questions, and comprehensive review questions.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer. Email me at [email protected].


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