There are a lot of reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving. It is important to be thankful for your family, friends, careers, and for the healthy life you have today.

Part of the reason why you and your loved ones are healthy and able to have a Thanksgiving dinner is because of the health care professionals who dedicated their lives to maintaining a healthy community. Don’t forget about the times when you or your loved ones were at a hospital and the nurses were there for you.

Reasons to Be Thankful for Nurses

1. Nurses are trained to be listeners.

Thanks to communications and psychiatric classes, nurses have the patience to listen to your drama that they could care less about. When you are going through a sad time, they will take your hand and be there for you. Of course it is not just because they are trained to, but also because they care.

2. Nurses stay calm in emergencies.

If a child is choking, a nurse would not panic. A nurse would be able to administer CPR. What if an individual went unconscious? A nurse would still not panic. A nurse would go through the step by step procedure of checking the vital signs and calling for medical attention.

3. Nurses know how to keep their families healthy.

A nurse keep the family up to date on physician visits and screenings. The food on the table every night would be more than just meat. A nurse would make sure the family gets vegetables and fruits!

4. Nurses have patience.

When you are feeling sad and down, a nurse is there for you. When you yell at the nurse, the nurse will come back and not hold it against you. As sick as you may be, the nurse will not give up on you and will be there.

5. Nurses know what is wrong with you.

You do not have to go on Google to do a search of symptoms and figure out that it is the flu or if your child has Kawasaki Disease. A nurse would be able to differentiate between the two. (Kawasaki Disease has symptoms of the flu, but it comes with a strawberry-like tongue.) A nurse would be able to tell what is wrong with you or if you need to seek emergency assistance.

6. Nurses are intelligent.

It is more than just four years of nursing school and passing the NCLEX to be intelligent. A nurse’s intelligence is truly based on the ability to have critical thinking skills. Those critical thinking skills come in handy when decisions have to be made in the house hold and for the children. Just like in a hospital, no two situations are identical in life.

7. Nurses are never boring.

Do you think that nurses just keep their noses in books or stay in hospitals 24/7? Not true! The ponytail comes down and the fun begins! If you ask a nurse, a nurse would tell you that laughter is the best medicine.

8. Nurses know how to handle challenging situations.

Patient one is unconscious, patient two’s fever won’t go down, and patient three won’t stop throwing up. A nurse has to be able to prioritize and figure out which patient to tend to first and how to provide care to all three. Nurses would be lucky to have only three to worry about. Just like in the hospital, nurses know how to handle challenging situations in real life. If a nurse has to go grocery shopping, take care of a toddler, and write a research paper, you can bet that it will all get done in one night.

9. Nurses know how to be part of a team.

Being part of a team is essential to providing patient care. Being part of a team is also essential to having a family. They support each other and help every member of the family stand strong. A good nurse has the communication skills, trust, and respect for the hospital team, family team, and friends.

10. Nurses love you and know how to take care of you.

A nurse chose the nursing profession because a nurse is compassionate, caring, and nurturing. A nurse’s love for you is truly unconditional.