10. Coming across five questions with select all that applies on the exam.

It’s bad enough that there’s multiple choice questions, but now there’s multiple of them?!

9. Receiving the syllabus and there’s only three exams that are 30% each of your grade.

When am I going to magically find the time to study 10 chapters per exam on top of work, family, and nursing clinical?!

8. When your professor picks you to do the first demonstration in nursing clinical.

I have never done this before and now I have to demonstrate like an idiot in front of my classmates.

7. When you copy your care plan from the previous semester because the patient has the same diagnosis.

The professor didn’t even notice!

6. That feeling when you actually understand what the professor is saying.

It’s like everything in the universe is coming together now.

5. Looking at the first question on the exam and it doesn’t even make sense.

Suddenly everything in the universe is falling apart!

4. Thinking you bombed the exam, but you aced it with flying colors!

Never mind, I can’t believe I guessed the questions correctly!

3. Having a best friend that understands your study habits.

We studied every exam together and she knows my Starbucks order by heart now.

2. Graduating nursing school and wondering if you learned anything at all.

If I guessed correctly on the exams and passed through them, then did I really learn anything at all?

1. Studying for the NCLEX every. single. breathing. moment.

This exam will be the death of me.