It’s almost time to get that banging summer body! Just because you are a nurse does not mean you do not have a life outside of nursing. Get fit and healthy by following some of these charts. Don’t forget to save and pin!

Fitness 1
Inner Thigh Gap Work Out
Fitness 2
Flat Tummy Tips!
Fitness 3
Tips to Better Butt
Fitness 4
How to do Burpees!
Fitness 5
Morning work out
Fitness 6
Get that nice butt
Fitness 7
Know your butt
Fitness 8
Strong Lifts 5 x 5
Fitness 9
Lose 5 lb of Boat in a Healthy Way
Fitness 10
Paleo Takeover
Fitness 11
Paleo Diet Basics
Fitness 12
Paleo Grocery List
Fitness 13
Quick work out at home
Fitness 14
Squats workout that will give you the butt you want. My favorite squats chart.
Fitness 15
Thigh Slimming Challenge
Fitness 16
Grasshopper Pose
Fitness 17
Work out your inner thighs!
Fitness 18
Yoga for Splits
Fitness 19
Stretch and be flexible
Fitness 20
5 Minutes Planking
Fitness 21
Detox water recipe to help you lose weight. Worked for me insanely well.
Fitness 22
Target your inner thighs.
Fitness 23
30 Days Squats
Fitness 25
Don’t neglect your back! Work your back out.
Fitness 25
Victoria’s Secret abs work out
Fitness 26
Get rid of your muffin top!
Fitness 27
Know your good carbs from your bad carbs!
Fitness 28
Tone your arms!
Fitness 29
Stretches before and after your work out.
Fitness 30
Lose weight in 7 days!
Fitness 31
Get your inner thighs toned!