Patient came back to greet me

I was working in the ward on a night duty for quite some time.

One night, I had to write down each patient’s name, when I spotted a patient that I had not seen for a couple of weeks.

I felt weird when I was about to think that he had been transferred to our surgical hospital.

He looked at me in the eyes and smiled as I gave him a gesture as if everything is fine.

It was a relief seeing him in his best look than what I remember.

However, when putting in my notes I could not find his name on the patient census.

I looked him up by name and was amazed to see that it said he had died two days earlier. It was like he came back to say he was fine.

Patient in White

Doing my rounds as a new RN in a unit, I saw an old lady dressed in hospital’s gown.

Thinking that the patient was lost or couldn’t sleep, I signaled her from afar (we’re at the opposite ends of the hallway) to ask what’s wrong.

Grabbing her attention, she turned her face to me, smiled and passed through a wall into a patient’s room! I froze from what I saw.

I found out later that the woman had died three days earlier from a car accident, and ‘watching over’ her husband who was hospitalized in the room she entered.

They’re Coming For Me

I was given a patient who was on the edge of death and had been unconscious for several days.

During the night, I went into the room to check on the patient and found the patient on the bed.

The patient was crying and said, “Don’t let them take me!”

I asked the patient who was going to take her and she pointed to the ceiling.

She said, “That black thing up there is going to take me!” The patient died within minutes.

We Had to Close Room 13

Every patient that was placed in room 13 complained of seeing a woman wearing white and standing by their bedside.

We had to stop using room 13 due to multiple complaints and now we just use it as a storage room.

The woman would walk to the window and stare outside at the cemetery.

We had a patient who died in a car accident outside the hospital over fifty years ago. She was only 30 years old and we believe it is her who is staring at where the accident occurred.

Taken by Death

We were transferring the patient from the Emergency Room to another department.

The patient was smiling and laughing. Her vital signs were stable.

The patient said, “He’s telling me it’s time to go with him.”

She suddenly passed out and went unconscious. She passed away within minutes.

H/T: NursesLab and based on true stories from my coworkers