The Bureau of Labor Statistics display that the average income for registered nurses was $71,000 per annum (May 2015). The current number of employed registered nurses throughout the USA was 2.7  million.


The average registered nurse graduate starts at $60,000 salary. Your salary would be expected to increase yearly, but you still would have a long way to go to reach six figures. It would be tougher if you do not work near the major cities, such as New York City. You can pursue your dreams and not give up on the idea of making six figures.


Getting a Master’s Degree


This is the most common path nurses take. Some do it for an increase in salary and others do it because their career goal requires a Master’s Degree, such as becoming a Nurse Practitioner. It just so happens that their goal would be rewarded with a six figures salary.


If you have no desire to go back to school but you really want to make six figures, you still can. Graduate school is not for everyone and that’s perfectly fine!

The most obvious answer is to not depend on your primary nursing job as your ONLY source of income.

Become a YouTuber

Create YouTube videos on nursing. You can talk about your everyday struggles, what is in your nursing bag, how to handle the NCLEX, nursing educational videos, and the list can go on. There are an abundance of nurses making money off of this.

You can make a lot of money as a YouTube nursing star! First, you create the videos and upload them. The more views you get, the more you make money off of your ads. If your videos are only receiving a few hundred views, then you’re going to have to change your methods and find a way to attract the audience to watch your videos.

You will need to use a decent camera. Some are able to generate a lot of views with a simple webcam. If your hands are shaky and you are using a cell phone, you’re less likely to attract your audience.

Is it possible to make thousands of dollars? Yes, it’s even possible to replace your nursing salary with just being a YouTube star by creating really awesome videos.

Become Social Media Savvy

Have you seen nurses with thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? They use the opportunity to get endorsed with products. When they’re posting a photo of themselves wearing a certain scrubs brand or holding a stethoscope, they’re most likely getting paid for that photo. One photo can get you $5000. Some others with millions of followers can get paid $15,000 per photo and more.

How do you get a following? It’s simple, but takes time. Post photos that are worthy and use specific hashtags.

#instanurses #nursing #nurse #rn #lpn #nursingschool #nursesofinstagram You can keep searching for more and go crazy with it. When people like your post, be courteous and like their posts back. It doesn’t cost a dime out of your pocket to take this route!

Write a Book

You do not have to be the best writer in the world to write a book about nursing. You can choose to write about your experience, how to help nursing students, how to guide nursing graduates, and nursing educational books.

You can choose to turn your book into an e-book or you can choose to publish them the old fashion way. You can generate a lot of money this way!


Tutoring on the side can add up very quickly! The average price is $60 per hour. If you tutor five times a week, you’ll make $300 a week. You’d generate an extra $1200 a month and $14,400 a year. If you can turn this side gig into a serious one, you can aim higher than five tutoring sessions a week!

You can even tutor online and create packages to attract students. There are so many subjects to tutor, from NCLEX courses to pharmacology.

Depending on how much effort you put into the option you choose, you can make a few extra dollars on the side or you can really make thousands of dollars and create a six figures revenue for yourself. Do let us know which route you’ve taken! I wish you best of luck!