Welcome to the Nursing Clinical Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

As soon as you step into your first nursing clinical, you have to prepare yourself to destroy your classmates…

Just kidding.

But really, you have to prepare yourself for nursing clinical. You can not just walk in and think you can just wing it. The professor will just tear you apart before you even get to set foot and assess your first patient.

How Nursing Clinical Is like Hunger Games

1. Limited Resources

In Hunger Games, you have whatever is in front of you. You take what you have and you try to survive through. Maybe in nursing clinical, your life is not on the line, but there is information you have to know on the spot and you are not at home with unlimited access to your computer and textbooks. You will have to use resources, such as your classmates, the nurses on the floor, your professor, or sneaking a look and using Google on your phone. Maybe now would be a great time to download apps like Medscape!

2. Going Without Breaks

In Hunger Games, if you take a break, you are dead. If you take a break in nursing clinical, you would be lucky if it was a full thirty minutes. During your break, you probably would not even consider it to be a real break. You would be using the time to study hard for your quiz or for your lecture exams.

3. Constantly Thinking How to Just Get Through It

In Hunger Games, there is no end until you get to the end. The only ending is a tragic one with losses everywhere. I doubt nursing clinical will be like that and I really hope it is not ever going to be like that for you. But in nursing clinical, you are constantly thinking how to just get through the day because it is not a reflex feeling for you. It is especially tiring when you look at the time when it is 1:00 PM and you have four more hours to go. Hopefully when you finally reach the end of your semester, you will see a passing grade on your report card!

4. Making Enemies

In Hunger Games, if you truly trust everyone, you will not make it out alive. Not everyone is warmhearted. The rules are there and there can only be one survivor. In nursing, there can only be one at the top with the highest scores. There will be those who are just getting by and is on the line between passing and failing. There will be those who are getting 4.0 GPAs and do not want to keep giving their nursing notes to the weak. They worked hard and they believe you should too. If you are lucky, you will be able to say that you did not have to encounter this situation or that all of your classmates are sweet and help one another out.

5. Making Friends

In Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen made friends with Rue. Rue became the symbol of hope. This friendship symbolizes the unity of two districts coming together. When you make a friend in nursing clinical, you feel hope that you are not alone. You and your classmates can get through the hardships together and celebrate when it is finally over.


While Hunger Games is out in theaters starting November 21, 2014, do try to not procrastinate and get your assignments done! Or you can just watch it and take your exams.

May the odds be ever in your favor.