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Does the Pearson Vue Trick Really Work?

Does the Pearson Vue Trick Still Work for 2016?

You take the NCLEX and the last thing you want to do is wait several days for the unofficial results and several weeks for...
Does the Pearson Vue Trick Really Work?

Does the Pearson Vue Trick Still Work in 2017?

You hear it over and over to not do the Pearson Vue trick. The trick no longer works because it is 2017 and they're...

Ace Your Nursing Interview

Years of all-nighters and you finally got through nursing school. You finally passed the NCLEX and now you have a license that you've always...

5 Amazingly Delicious Nursing Cakes

QD Nurses would like to congratulate all the nursing graduates of 2014! Whether it took you two years, four years, or more, you worked...
Top 30 Nursing Memes You'll Relate to, Especially on a Friday!

Top 30 Nurse Memes You’ll Relate to, Especially on Fridays!

Enjoy our nursing memes that we created from the inspiration of viral nursing jokes and our experiences that we can all relate to. While...
Proud to be a Nurse

Nursing Memes That’ll Cheer You Up Right Now

These are classic memes that will make your day! Hilarious, but so true!

Nurse Clipboards That’ll Get You Through Nursing School

Your classmates may have boring clipboards to write nursing reports on, but you do not have to! Impress your classmates by obtaining an adorable...

12 Funny Nursing Memes – February 2015

Funny nursing memes only nursing students and nurses can understand!
50 Nursing Quotes to help You Through Nursing

50 Nursing Quotes to Help You Through Nursing

When you're feeling down and weary, there is always hope.When you feel like there is no hope, look within yourself. Remember that you are...
Why she hates nursing

A Nurse’s Story: Why She Hates Nursing

Earlier last night I was watching a video that described the heart of nursing, and it perfectly depicted the calling to which I had...


2 Memes You Can’t Miss About Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar If the patient feels hot and dry, then you would expect the blood sugar level to be high. The patient would be hyperglycemic.If...

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