A nurse, named Ingrid Lyne, was killed and dismembered, Seattle police said. The remains included a female head, arm, leg, and foot, which were found in an emptied recycle bin on April 9th.

According to Seattle Times, a torso was found in a cooler. Medical examiner confirmed that the body parts belonged to Ingrid Lyne.

John Robert Charlton, 37, was arrested on April 11 and has been charged with first-degree murder, who met the 40 years old female nurse online.

However, there was no forensic evidence to link Charlton to her death. Charlton has a criminal history.

Even his own parents fear him.

The location of her murder was most likely her bathroom, where blood and flesh was found in her drains during a search, according to court documents.

Her family of three daughters has created a gofundme.com page, ages 12, 10, and 7. So far, they have been able to raise $217,000 in one week.

Ingrid Lyne’s family released a statement:

“This weekend, a light went out of our lives forever. Ingrid, beloved mother, daughter, sister, and friend was taken from us for reasons we still cannot comprehend.

Our hearts are broken and can never be fully mended.

But out of our grief, hope still springs, as does our appreciation. Words cannot express our gratitude to our communities near and far for banding together and expressing their support and ultimately their love.”


H/T: Reported by Seattle Times and People