Dear QD Nurses,

Thank you for helping me with my exams and answering my questions! I do have another question I’d like to ask though. I have a professor who absolutely hates my guts. I am not imagining it. Even my classmates think so. I get ridiculed over stupid mistakes and it makes me want to just quit nursing school. What should I do?


Thank you for taking the time to write this letter! Many of us feel this way during nursing school when we are not on a professor’s good side. It seems like your professor has taken this situation to an extreme and decide to put you down so you feel like an incompetent nurse. Not only will this take place in nursing school, but it will take place in hospitals. Not only will this take place in hospitals, but it will take place in EVERY profession.

You have to ask yourself if you really want to be in nursing school. If the answer is yes, then remember that you are in nursing school because of your hard work. Your professor can only do so much to encourage you to quit, but only you can control that.


Continue to ask your professor questions every single time. If you do not have any question, try to come up with one to engage a conversation and show interest in the lecture or clinical. If you are afraid of this confrontation, have a classmate come with you. If your professor continues to just give snarky remarks, then just hold your head up high and get through the four years you have in school. You will never have to see the professor again, but you will get to have a license every day for the rest of your life.