Why is everything correct?!
Why is everything correct, but I’m not?!
Holding your pee
We’d be lucky to go to break on time!
Isolation Precautions
Where was the sign?!
Picking up an extra shift
Should’ve stayed at home
Nursing shortage
Nursing shortage and yet I can’t get a job
Finished another week of nursing school
Almost done with nursing school
Study Guide
What’s the point of the study guide?
Every answer is correct, but I'm still wrong
Every answer is correct, but I’m still wrong
Short Staffed Everywhere
Where are the nurses?!
Go to Nursing School
Why am I here again?
Nurses keep doctors from killing you
We report everything to the doctors and we advocate for the patients.
First year nursing student
First year nursing students think they know everything already.
No sleep in nursing school
Ready for all nighters?
Marry a nurse
If you want to live a happy life, marry a nurse.
Success without vomiting
No nausea, no vomiting during the shift? Great!
Classmates in different clinicals
Gonna miss you!
Trying to stay positive at work
I’m positive about staying positive at work.
Call button pushed
I have bigger priorities than just getting your water, again.
It never ends.
IV Pump Keeps Beeping
Someone make it stop! There’s nothing wrong with it!