If you don’t know what to get nurses, I can definitely help you with that.

  1. Spa Certificate

If you’re not sure, you can NEVER go wrong with a spa certificate. You may feel like it’s not personal, but the nurse in your life will thank you a million times as she/he gets relaxed with a nice massage or facial. For many nurses, the experience is unforgettable and priceless than a nurse mug that’ll go into the cabinet with many other nurse mugs they’ve already received.

Which spa gift card should I get? Check out the reviews in your local area and ideally choose one that is close to the recipient. Bonus if you add tip so your fellow nurse can just walk in and out stress free. Adding tip is optional as the nurse will be grateful regardless!

2. Gift card to Foot Locker, Saucony, Walking Company, or Skechers

Our shoes get worn out really fast. We can’t justify buying a new pair of shoes every single year. If it works, we will keep wearing it until it wears us down. Providing a gift card to one of the popular shoe brands that nurses wear will really mean a lot. Our feet will thank you ever so much! It is a gift that a nurse can use every day and think of you as she/he puts on a pair of shoes in the morning before it’s time to head into work!

3. Another Nurse Mug

Just like teachers, we get so many nurse mugs. If you really want to get a nurse mug, please get one that’s personalized. We like to have a mug at work and sometimes it goes missing or someone else uses it. It would be great to have our names on it so that someone doesn’t just take it. Take it from someone who’s had personal experience with missing mugs in different hospitals. Funny how my latest nurse mug with my name on it hasn’t gone missing yet.

Get your nurse mug here.

4. Coffee warmer

Most likely, your nurse does not need another coffee mug. I highly doubt she/he has a coffee mug warmer! This is so adorable and since nurses love their coffee, they will definitely think of you every time they have their coffee!

Get your coffee mug warmer here!

5. Nurse Pens

Pens sound so ordinary, but you know how many times my co-workers have requested new pens for Christmas? We are always losing pens and it helps to have a pen with our very own names on it! This is not only a thoughtful gift, but it is very practical as well!

Get your nurse pens here!

6. Nurse Ornaments

We love to decorate our trees with cute ornaments. What better than to have a nice personalized ornament that represents what we do and what we love. Bonus points if it’s personalized and has our names on it! There are so many cute ones so here are some you can look through. It’s not a problem if you end up buying all of them. Who wouldn’t love to have a bunch of nursing ornaments on their trees!?

Personalize this ‘My First Christmas as a Nurse’ ornament now!

Personalize this glitter Christmas nurse ornament now!

Let your nurse she/he is the best nurse ever with this ornament now!

Personalize this adorable scrubs nurse ornament now! This one is personally my favorite.

7. Nurse socks

This works in so many ways. 1. It’s practical. 2. It’s adorable and hilarious. 3. It’s subtle, but it still shows your nurse you’re thinking of him/her!

Get these comfortable nurse socks here!

8. Nurse Stocking

This is such a great nurse gift in so many ways. You get to put mini gifts inside the stocking!

Get the nurse stocking in time for holidays!

9. Nurse ugly Christmas sweater

It is time for ugly Christmas sweaters to come out! Even though these are nurse ugly Christmas sweaters, they are still cute! Check these out. Choose one or choose all for yourself or your nurse!

Buy this red Nurse Christmas sweater here!

Buy this heart & Christmas tree nurse ugly Christmas sweater here!

Get your Merry Nurse-Mas nurse ugly Christmas sweater here!

10. Stethoscope ID tag

You’ll be surprised that people take the wrong stethoscope home and that it gets mixed up. There’s only so many colors that two or more nurses having the same stethoscope in an unit is bound to happen. Save another nurse from losing her precious stethoscope tool by providing a personalized stethoscope tag! It’s personalized, small, and slim. There are many fonts and you can add icons (dog paw, etc.).

Buy the stethoscope ID tag here now!