1. Anatomy Body Sticky Notes

This is perfect for your anatomy class. This sticky note features a body view with veins and arteries.

2. Anatomy Body Sticky Notes Collection

This anatomy collection includes a skeletal pair note, body note, and gluteus maximus.

3. Band Aid Memo Pads

You can choose to write a short memo or a longer one with three various sizes of these adorable band aid memo pads. Go ahead and mark your thoughts in your text books. At least it won’t be painful when you take it off!

4. Eye Sticky Notes

If you want an eye-catching sticky note, then you’re going to want to use this eye sticky note pad!

5. Time Critical Sticky Packet

You can decide whether the task or page should be saved for ‘later’, ‘someday’, or perhaps ‘never’. It’s up to you. This is perfect for the humorous procrastinator. Though if you are a procrastinator, then ‘someday’ would get used up much faster than ‘now’.

6.Mental Sticky Notes

Use this for your mental health nursing class! There’s a box you can check off that you went mental!

7. Head Sticky Notes

Write inside the illustration of the inside of a mouth. If you don’t want to say it out loud, then keep it in your mouth.

8. Brain Sticky Notes

“Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.” – Edward de Bono

9. Ear Structure Sticky Notes

If you forgot what you heard in class, then feel free to write it inside an ear!

10. Skeleton Sticky Notes

Give it to a radiologist, place it in your anatomy book, or just enjoy your little nursing mascot in your book. Use this with your fellow nurses.

11. Huge Anatomy Sticky Notes Collection

All of the anatomy notes you could ever use for your anatomy addiction! Don’t be shy and bring your nursing nerd side out.

12. Prescription Sticky Notes

You won’t get away writing your own prescription pills, but you can use this to write your pharmacology notes on it!