You take the NCLEX and the last thing you want to do is wait several days for the unofficial results and several weeks for the official results. What do you do? You find a way to use the Pearson Vue trick. Everyone has heard of the legendary Pearson Vue trick for the NCLEX.

What is the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick?

After taking the NCLEX, the student must wait two hours and try to apply for the NCLEX again. If the information goes through and you are charged for the examination, it means that you failed. The website is giving you the option to take it again. Honestly, QD Nurses highly recommends waiting 24 hours to avoid a false result. Mostly it works after 2 hours, but we cannot guarantee that.

If it states that you already took the exam and cannot retake the exam again, then that means you passed the exam!

What is the change in the Pearson Vue “trick” from 2014 to now?

The change is that NOW when you sign up for the exam, you have to see if it will charge you. If it does not take your money, you passed. If it does take your money, you failed.

What was the Pearson Vue trick before the new trick?

The old Pearson Vue trick is that the ones who passed did not see the credit card screen. You did not have to fill out your credit card information. Now you do and you have to see if it will charge you.

Why would my information go through if I did pass the NCLEX?

You waited less than two hours to try this trick.

I waited for less than two hours and the good pop up happened. It means that I don’t have to wait two hours.

Not necessarily true. This does not work for everyone. Several people get a false negative and their information went through when they waited less than two hours to try this pop up. It is tempting to just try this right away since it works for several people. Do not waste $200 as it is nonrefundable.

Celebrate with your friends and get some food. Go hang out at the mall. Just do not go home and give this a try in under two hours.

Has there been a false negative when someone waited over two hours?

Yes when someone did it in under four hours. This is RARE. The safe option is to wait under four hours. We have NOT heard of someone waiting over four hours and getting a false fail. I tell many students to please wait 24 hours. (Of course no one is patient enough to wait this long!)

Has someone gotten the good pop up and still failed the exam?

This has been unheard of. If you got the good pop up, go ahead and celebrate.

I really do not want to get charged, whether I passed or not. How can I still do the Pearson Vue trick and not get charged?

I can’t guarantee this, but several students have reported putting in a fake expiration date to avoid this. They still passed so I do not have the personal experience of telling you what happens to someone who failed.