When you take the NCLEX, you’re going to come across questions that may not make sense to you. You have one in four chances of answering the questions so your best option in this circumstance is to use the process of elimination.

You will be confused on which answer to select. The nursing world is not black and white. There will always be circumstances and situations that will occur. Do not select answers that are absolute.

When selecting an answer, avoid the following key words:



A patient would never experience abdominal pain if he takes acetaminophen with food.

Not true. While you’re aware that you should take acetaminophen with food, you do not know if the patient would NEVER experience abdominal pain.

A nurse must always prioritize infection over dyspnea.

First of all, this statement isn’t even true. A nurse should prioritize airway first. However, if you didn’t know that, you can eliminate this choice because it isn’t true that the nurse should ALWAYS prioritize one over the other. Circumstances can occur where the other option may need to be prioritized.

Allow the child to take the toy only if the parent is present.