The nursing process include assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcomes, planning, implementation, evaluation. Many books don’t include the outcomes part and new books are starting to. Nursing process is famous for ADPIE and not including the outcomes section. But we decided to include it here to meet the best of both worlds.

  1. Assessment

This is the first step. Before you can make a move, you need to collect the data. Gather the vital signs. Speak to the patient.

  1. Nursing Diagnosis

Don’t forget that nurses cannot diagnose the patient.

  1. Outcome Identification

It is essential to identify expected outcomes of the patient.

  1. Planning

The fun part. Nurses have to develop a plan of care and determine the appropriate interventions to achieve the ideal outcomes.

  1. Implementation

This is the step to implement the interventions that you came up with in the plan of care.

  1. Evaluation

Did the patient meet the goals or not?