When you get to nursing clinical, you will learn how to create a care plan. However, it can seem overwhelming in the beginning because care plans are like snow flakes. No two nursing care plans are alike because the conditions that your patients have are so unique. One nursing care plan that works for one patient would not work for the other patient.

Even when you get to senior year, you may feel overwhelmed. You could even get your first nursing job and still feel overwhelmed by all the care plans. After all, it seems like a waste of time when you could have been studying for your exam. The more care plans you do, the more confident you will get in it.

By watching a nursing care plan presentation, you will be able to get a full understanding and not feel lost or copy the care plan you did last year. Do not try that trick just because it is a different professor! You are only hurting yourself by trying to wing it.

So what is a care plan?

A nursing care is an organized plan to provide an optimal care to address the patient’s conditions with specific goals to implement and then evaluating the outcome. The goals and interventions are constantly changing with each response of the patient.

Ruthie in Alaska explains step by step how to create a sample nursing care plan. She types it out and make it very easy for you with her rationales. The best part about this video is that she used pneumonia diagnosis as an example. After all, it would be next to impossible to not have come across a patient with pneumonia.

Know the order of the nursing care plan: (ADPIE)

  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Planning
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation

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HT: Ruthie in Alaska