Operational Obstetrics & Gynecology provides a video on Inserting a Foley Catheter in a female with a step by step tutorial.

  1. Open the package
  2. Use the sterile gloves
  3. Open the antiseptic solution and lubricating jelly
  4. Test the balloon tip
  5. Separate the labia and cleanse the vulva
  6. Insert the foley catheter through the urethra and into the bladder
  7. Inflate the balloon tip after you see the free flow of urine

Female Intermittent Self-Catheterization

This presentation provides a live procedure on a patient and a step by step procedure of a female intermittent self-catheterization.

Equipment needed:

  • Urine collecting hat
  • Warm soapy water in a basin
  • Clean washcloth
  • Catheter
  • Lubricant
  • Clean hand towel
  • Re-sealable plastic bag

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