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How to master your first year as a nursevideo

How to Master Your First Year as a Graduate Nurse

Caroline Porter, RN received a letter from a fellow nurse who is struggling with her first year of nursing. Being a graduate nurse is...
NCLEX Pharmacology Quick Notes to Save

Pharmacology NCLEX Cram

Get all the quick facts you need to know before your pharmacology exam.Medication Classifications You’ll Need to KnowAntacids - Reduce hydrochloric acid located...


Notepads You’re Going to Want for Nursing

1. Anatomy Body Sticky Noteshttps://wms-na.amazon-adsystem.com/20070822/US/js/link-enhancer-common.js?tag=qdnu-20&linkId=5AHDPT56TZOTQZIIThis is perfect for your anatomy class. This sticky note features a body view with veins and arteries. 2. Anatomy Body...

Dear QD Nurses