If someone is choking, when do you use the AED? When do you call for help? Did you know that if you do not see the object in a choking infant’s mouth, you do not put your fingers in the infant’s mouth?

Do not get overwhelmed with all the details by trying to memorize cardiopulmonary resuscitation from your textbook. If you are a visual learner, you will definitely appreciate this video that will provide scenarios with detailed explanations of this emergency procedure. It is very essential to have an understanding of how to properly perform CPR to save someone’s life by restoring breathing and circulation to prolong brain damage. This can help to stall time until a defibrillator arrive to restart the heart.

Susan Smith presents a presentation to teach first responders emergency action, signs and symptoms, and medical illnesses to watch out for and decide the need for CPR. Learn about infant CPR, child CPR, adult CPR, and using an AED properly.

This video is not just for healthcare professionals. Thousands of lives could be saved with the knowledge of first aid training.

Disclaimer: This video is a preview only for information and is not meant to be used for training.
HT: Susan Smith, Safety Source