Know Your Stomach Pain Locations

Stomach Pain Locations Chart for the NCLEX

It is so important to ask the patient where the stomach pain is located. Do not assume when the patient says that he/she has...

Animation of Ileostomy Presentation in Under 5 Minutes

If someone is choking, when do you use the AED? When do you call for help? Did you know that if you do not...

How to Insert a Nasogastric Tube

What are the steps to inserting a nasogastric tube?How do you measure the amount of tubing that is needed?UNEXPECTED SITUATION: What should you do...

How to Provide Care for a Urinary Stoma

When is the best time to change the appliance?Why should you not repair the leak with tape?These questions are answered in the five minutes...

How to Do a Tube Feeding

What are the steps to administering a continuous tube feeding?Should the head of the bed be elevated by 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90...


How to Find My NCLEX Studying Strategy

Let’s find out your NCLEX strategy!Instructions: For each question, add 1 point for either STRATEGY, CONTENT, or Q&A. At the end, add your total points...

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